When I submit a design, the message on my Team Home Page gives me my “unoffical standing.” What is an unofficial standing? When does it become official?

The contest rules strictly prohibit the use of inappropriate Team Names. The rules also allow only one team per school to be displayed on the contest Scoreboard. In order to enforce these rules, our Contest Coordinator reviews each registration before it is posted to the Scoreboard. This review only occurs for the top design submissions that are posted to the Scoreboard. Before your team has been reviewed, your standing is considered to be “unofficial.” After it has been reviewed and posted to the Scoreboard, it becomes “official.” When there is more than one team from the same school on the Scoreboard, all except the top team is kept in an “unofficial” status. Because designs and standings often change over the course of the contest, it is possible for a team that has attained “offical” status to be subsequently changed to “unofficial” status and removed from the Scoreboard.

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