Eligibility and Registration

I am not a U.S. citizen, but I am currently attending a US school. Am I eligible to compete for prizes?

Yes! Any student who is currently attending a US school in grades 6-12 is eligible.

Do I need to be endorsed or sponsored by my school to enter the contest?

No. You do not need to be endorsed or sponsored by your school. However, as part of the contest registration, you must provide the name and location of your school, so we can verify that you are actually a student there.

I registered for the contest as a one-person team, but now I would like to work with a friend. Can I add a second person to my current team?

No. Once a team’s name and members are entered into our database, this information cannot be changed. You will need to register again and create a new team name. But you may not do this if your are currently ranked in the top 50 teams in the Qualifying Round. The contest rules prohibit a new team member from being added to a top-50 team.

How do I register for the contest?

Click here for the registration page, then click the “Start the Registration Wizard” button. On the next three screens, provide your team name and certify your eligibility status. Then provide the requested contact information for both team members and click “Accept and Continue.” Finally provide your e-mail address and a password. You’ll know your registration has been successfully completed when you arrive at your Team Home Page. As soon as your on-line registration is complete, you may begin submitting designs.

Not all of the students in my class have e-mail addresses. Can several teams register using a single school e-mail address?

Yes. We ask, however, that the person who monitors this e-mail account be willing to forward contest-related messages to the teams that registered with the school e-mail address. We will only send out e-mail in circumstances that demand the immediate attention of contestants.

What are the registration procedures for US citizens attending Department of Defense schools overseas?

On the first page of the on-line registration process, select the option: “I am a US citizen, age 13 through grade 12 (or equivalent), currently attending a school outside the US” From the adjacent drop-down list, select your US state of permanent residence. This selection will determine which zone you will be competing in. When you get to the “Personal Info” page, if your mailing address is APO AE or APO AP, enter “APO” as your city, then enter “AE” or “AP” as your state.

I registered for the contest as a member of a two-person team. Now my teammate wants to quit (or join another team), but I want to continue in the contest. What should I do?

You will need to register a new one-person team. And if your old team is currently in the top 50 teams in the Qualifying Round, you must send us an e-mail message informing us of the change, so we can disqualify your old two-person team and clear it from the Scoreboard. Please note that, once you have created a new team, you will not be able to re-submit your current best bridge design. Our website will reject it as a duplicate. You will need to make a change to the design before submitting it.

May I compete as a member of two different teams?

No. You may compete as a member of only one team. For more details, please see the Official Rules.