Download the 2016 Bridge Designer Software

The Bridge Designer 2016 is a free educational software package designed to provide middle-school and high-school students with a realistic introduction to engineering through the design of a steel highway bridge.  To install the Bridge Designer, download and run the appropriate setup file below.

Bridge Designer 2016 for Windows Computers
Download Setup File: [39.2 MB] Download

Bridge Designer 2016 for Macintosh Computers
Download Disk Image File: [138 MB] Download


  1. The Bridge Designer is provided and intended solely for educational use. By providing this software, the authors assume no responsibility for any project or design. Use of the Bridge Designer for commercial or construction purposes is strictly prohibited.
  2. This software is free and is in the public domain. You may install it on as many computers as you like, and you may distribute it to others without asking our permission.
  3. This software was formerly known as the West Point Bridge Designer but is no longer affiliated with the U.S. government or the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.